10 Positive Effects Quarantine has had on my Family

And no… I’m not kidding!

Ariel Dilworth
6 min readApr 18, 2020


10 Positive Effects Quarantine Has Had On My Family

As a mom who is now a teacher for my kids, a six-figure photographer who is now suddenly free every day and weekend, and the primary breadwinner for my family, it’s not difficult to find the negatives that this Quarantine has had on my life.

But instead I’m going to practice what I preach to my online audience of mom’s all over the world, “When you see beauty in all people and in all things, you don’t just find it, you become it!” So, here it is… I sat down and really examined the effects this quarantine has had on my life and came up with 10 REALLY GOOD THINGS it has done for my family.


I was telling my husband that life in Quarantine isn’t THAT much different for me. I’ve always worked from home with my children in the same house. We don’t eat out much. I hardly ever leave the house except to go to the grocery store or for client sessions. But this Quarantine has made me aware that:

1.) I need to get out more

2.) I need to intentionally invest in more face to face time with friends. Just being around humanity more in general would be good! 😂

And even if someone was intentionally doing those things before, I believe that after this every single one of us will walk out of quarantine with a reminder of how much we really do need each other.


Not that I wasn’t parenting purposefully before, I totally was. But because we don’t know when this is going to end, there’s less work for me and my hubby to do, and we’re not allowed to go anywhere, we have been able to more intentionally handle behavior/attitude issues with each of our girls. And while this isn’t necessarily fun. I would consider it a positive outcome. All working parents know that when you come home from work ALREADY exhausted and then you have to make dinner, clean up the house and do all the other household chores… the last thing you or your hubby want to do is handle a sibling fight. Sooooo sometimes you get in the…



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