Testimony of a “Covidiot”

this virus has affected all of us in really big ways and not one of these ways is harder than another…

Ariel Dilworth
7 min readApr 30, 2020


I am not disobeying the shelter-in-place order.

I am not hoarding groceries or toilet paper.

I am not uneducated on the topic of COVID-19.

I am not selfish.

I am not discounting the incredible courage and hard work of “essential workers.”

I am not a conspiracy theorist.

I am not a “Trumper.”

But I do want to go back to work.

First, let me just say that I believe that the shelter-in-place order is a good thing. I believe it has saved lives and that by practicing good hygiene, social distancing, common sense precautions, and mask-wearing, we can continue to save tens of thousands of lives.

However, I also believe that some of you are wrong in stating that those who disagree with a full-on shelter in place order are “covidiots.”

I was scrolling Facebook for the 8th time today, much like the rest of you seeing as we are all stuck at home. I saw multiple people on my friends list sharing a news article about a group of people at the State Capitol that were protesting the shelter-in-place order.

Many people I know were making remarks, calling these individuals “covidiots,” “stupid,” and “dense.”

As a small business owner, I’ve found that publicly voicing my opinion on political matters isn’t great for business. So, I stay quiet.

But I feel like my side of the story isn’t being heard. So, here it goes…

COVID-19 and the Self-Employed American

It was mid-March, I was just starting to feel like myself again after having suffered a concussion. Laying in bed, forbidden to look at screens, in absolute silence and darkness for nearly a month had me eager to get out into the world. It was kind of like sheltering in place except with no people, no light, no going on walks and no Netflix binging. This urge to get back to work was only heightened by the fact that, as a photographer, I was coming out of “dead season.” What we…



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