The Real Tragedy of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Novel Virus. Thousands Dead. Lack of PPE. Unemployment. None of these are the real tragedy!

Ariel Dilworth
6 min readMay 14, 2020


the real tragedy of the covid-19 pandemic

Do you know what the real tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic is? It’s not just the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been lost. It’s not just the lack of PPE for health care workers. It’s not just the immense struggle for millions of American’s, like myself, who are suddenly unemployed.

No. The real tragedy of this virus is the pure, unmitigated HATRED that has permeated every single human being.

Before you think you are immune to spreading hate, let me ask you this: how do the following headlines make you feel?

Trump tells people to inject themselves with bleach.

People are protesting the stay-at-home order claiming that the government, scientists and doctors are just trying to strip us of our rights.

COVID-19 was created in a Lab.

Dallas hair salon owner jailed for a week for defying lockdown.

Florida beaches remaining open despite official pleas.

Illinois lawmaker sues the Governor for extending the stay-at-home order.

If you felt thought less of someone in relation to who they are and their worth as a human being after reading even one of those controversial headlineshatred is in you.

If you’ve posted about any headline voicing your opinion in a way that crosses over the line from challenging others into demeaning others… hatred is in you.

If you’ve posted something know that it would create hatred in the spirit of others… hatred is in you.

If you’ve left a comment of accusation and rage confirming someone else’s rage or fighting against it in a way that degrades them… hatred is in you.

If you’ve participated in a “like war” on somebody else’s status to stand behind someone else’s hateful comment that you agree withhatred is in you.

If you’ve thought ill about someone who brought their children into a grocery store… hatred is in you.

If you’ve felt ill of, disrespected, or completely disregarded someone’s



Ariel Dilworth

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